Tuesday, October 17, 2006

scrap yourself

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I challenge you!
This weeks OTB challenge at Scrapartist was mine and I asked before we left if I could post it when we got home. So my challenge for this week is to scrap yourself. I know, I know, it's not innovative, or exciting, or some Fab new idea...but it is important and all too often left out of our scrapbooks. So please be like Nike and "just do it!" you won't regret it :)

make a layout about what makes you you, your thoughts on something, or a relationship ( with a pet, kid, thing....anything goes!) or a single moment, as long as it is you in there!!! when you have done your "you" layout come and join in posting over at scrapartist in the challenge gallery or leave me a link here in the comments so I can check it out!!!

This is a paper-digi mixed layout of mine, Cam and I sharing a milkshake in Chicago this past summer. The photo was taken by our good pal Amy Martin (alb52). you can see my supply list here.

take two: if just scrapping yourself is not enough of a challenge for you try one of these!
- use stamps to cut out your title
-use your own handwriting ( whether you like it or not)
-alter your photo to create the mood ( tinted here for a retro malt shop feel)

Happy scrapping, my friends!!!

ETA: by all means , please do this in whatever fashion feels good to you, paper, digi, mixed-up, or even as a project. Just have fun exploring "you"

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My Life and My Loves said...

i'm sitting here absolutely stunned at your work. this is why you won honey! :) Lauren

Kim Bolyard said...

I so want to do this Challenge...but still having trouble with that digi thing...so I will just do what I know best...the old fashion way...will post is on my blog when I am done.


Torm said...

Welcome home! Love the layout!!!

deb said...

Love that layout! I can totally see why you are SOY! Love the altered photo. Great look.

scallywag said...

Stunning CD - you are amazing! Love your work - so inspirational and just stand-out gorgeous!

ruthimus said...

So, I never got to say CONGRATS to you for this HUGE news. I have to say, I called it ;). No really, congrats to you and thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog. Cheers =)

Lisa said...

awesome awesome awesome!! this is such a cute photo of you and Cam! I love this layout so much and all of the attention to so many details that you always include. Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

The walk was worth it ; )

Anonymous said...

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