Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Memory Trends- my version

here is another little web album, if you are interested, click on the image above and it should take you to the photos. from there you can click on the first photo to see them bigger or just chose a slideshow.

OK So, first of all, I apologize for being the slowest person ever to blog about Memory Trends, I haven't said much about the show itself and I wanted to share a wee bit. There just has been so much else to talk about!

The show was a blast, it was busy but the good kind of busy that means you are having fun! It was so cool to meet so many really great people, I can't wait for the next show now so that I can see some familiar faces :) Thank goodness I had Leslie keeping me on time, because I would have happily chatted all day long and lost track of time all together! On the first day she really got me everywhere I was scheduled to be, brought me water and was just a real doll to be around. The sponsors were all very good to me, I started the day at CKs booth and found it super funny to see my big face on the SOY sign! Nice to meet some of the more behind the scenes CK staff too they were all super friendly, I can't wait for my trip out there to the offices to see them all again! We headed over to Legacy crafters next and I have to say I adore this bunch they are fun and just way cool to hang out with, I felt right at home with them, except when Max started waving my big face sign in the air and announcing that I was there, I think my face turned a new shade of pink, but I still got a kick out of it. That is just what I loved about them, their willingness to have a good time. Leslie picked me up for my Diva craft lounge interview and then we were off to KI memories. I really enjoyed myself there too, Ira and the other KI folks were totally welcoming to me and the people who stopped by were totally ready to make something, I had fun meeting folks and seeing the cool ways that everyone's mind works so differently even with pretty much the same product. I love that! Then off to HP where I got to see an idea of just how HUGE the printer is that they are giving me! ENORMOUS! They had made up nice photo mats and people were getting a picture taken with me, printed right there, and being given a cool package to take with them. So that was fun. Next we left the show all together and got to relax a tad while Leslie drove us over to 'Pebbles in my pocket' to meet some nice ladies there. A super cute store, really set up nicely and I even picked up some yummy lolipops there for all of the SOY girls and a cool 7gypsies stamp for ME! Can't beat a store that has scrap supplies AND candy!!! Dinner with everyone was really nice, it was great to have some time to get to know some of the other girls a bit better too. That is one thing I really missed, I felt like there just wasn't enough time together with all of the amazing ladies to really connect the way I would have wanted too. We did stay after supper to get some extra visiting in and I can tell you I slept reeeeally good that night!

Day two Cam took over Leslie's job of getting me where I was supposed to be on time and I have to say he is WAY more strict than her! Honestly though, I have been really thankful for his organized brain guiding me through what I need to do next, not just that day but still now everyday. There is so much for me to think of and he does such a wonderful job of lovingly encouraging me to stay focused, or guiding me to what needs to happen next. Thanks babe!

We started the morning at Ellison where they showed me just how to use ALL of the new stuff I will be receiving from them, WOW, LOTS! I just can't believe the generosity of these 4 companies. I do have a confession to make, I had never used a die cut before this...Not a clue, scared of them even! But after our time there with the kind ( and patient) people from Ellison, I am totally excited to make some really cool stuff when my new machines and toys show up! A few repeat appearances on this day, which was fun because I was feeling even more comfortable with the whole thing. I was happy too for the chance to walk the show a wee bit and meet some of the super online friends I have gotten to know. That is my favorite thing. Meeting people, connecting. It is just wonderful! There was so much to take in and I loved it all, but it really is the people who make events like this so very cool. To all those I met, thank-you for making this experience great!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog! Still need help with mine;) See all those flower pens in your picture? I "helped myself" to A LOT of them at CHA! LOL

grover said...

what a "whirlwind" couple of days!
thanks for sharing it with us!

Anonymous said...

Hi CD!
I am new to scrapping and am just learning about this whole "other world" that I never knew existed! When I saw your layout on the CK website, it took my breath away! You deserved to win - your work is stunning!!!
I look forward to seeing much more and want to wish you a successful and happy year as your embark on your new adventure! :o) Congratulations & Enjoy It! Susan in NY

susan opel said...

Hey! I saw me in those pictures! Fun!

I am so glad that you had such an awesome experience with CK. Leslie M is the BEST!!!

jerih said...

C.D., it looks like you had a blast at MT. Thanks for sharing the photos!