Thursday, October 19, 2006

Make and Takes and my chalk joy

It was so much fun meeting people and sharing my make and takes with them. Leslie Miller and her little 5 year old Alexander did an amazing job putting together hundreds of make and take kits for me ( thank-you sooo much!) It is a little motivational card that showed off products from all 4 of our sponsors ( HP, Ellison, Legacy crafters, and KI memories) and explores the world of mixing digi and paper scrapping! People seemed to have fun with them and I just had a blast meeting and chatting it up :)

here are a few more sample cards:

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I really hope some people will go home and explore new ways of creating, using all of the possibilities of digital, while adding the dimention and texture of traditional scrapbooking. And if nothing else, the quote on the card is one we all need a reminder of sometimes;

" there is great joy to be found here in this moment"

It happens to everyone, we get so busy and caught up in our day that we can just forget to stop and find the joy in the little things. for me right this moment I have these three sisters all playing happily together, Kaiella is sitting in the middle of the coffee table and her, Emilea and Tiara have sidewalk chalked all over it while I was blogging, the big girls are now drawing a ball gown, gloves and shoes on little Bella while she happily enjoys their attention and thanks them every few seconds. lol! I could be totally mad for the chalk all over, but I have got to say THAT is Joy if I have ever seen it!!! I love it! off to get some photos of the body art and my new home decor!

remember today to stop and look around at the great Joy in your life.


Leslie said...

Thanks for the love babe! And, I'm going to make sure that I show Alexander that someone talked about hime. He'll get such a kick! You're wonderful and I am so inspired by you!

beth opel said...

Oh, I LOVE your make and take! I'm so impressed that you used products from Legacy, too! No wonder people had a great are a total doll, and the project is adorable as well!

And I totally agree that Leslie is a gem!!!

amy said...

oh love the chalk story - so true - LET THEM PLAY! let them enjoy - it (*usually*) washes off in a bath or two anyway! lol.

loving seeing the make-and-take samples - looks like & sounds like everyone had a great time. go girl.

deb said...

Good for you! They are only little for a short time. I always say a mess can be cleaned up--the important thing is that they are enjoying each other and getting along. You will be glad you enjoyed the moment and they will remember that you were a fun mom.

Angela said...

Those make & takes are great! They're all beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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