Sunday, October 29, 2006

a family weekend

It has been a nice family weekend, and good to take some breaks from the work I have been doing ( I'll explain that later) Tiara started a new gymnastics program on Friday and Emilea did on Saturday. Then Little Kaiella did a dance show for all of the grandparents at her mom-and-me dance class. It was really cute! We took her out with the grandmas to Tim Hortons for donuts afterwards. She wanted more and more! 5 Timbits didn't cut it, I am sure she would have eaten the whole box if we let her!
Totally fun to eat out last night with the two littlest ones, even though it was just McDonalds, and Emy had a total blast going to hang out with some good friends. Today we have kept things quieter, and right now Cam and the girls are off picking out pumpkins for us to carve! I love this tradition!!! I love getting all messy with pumpkin guts and roasting the seeds and deciding what this years pumpkin face will look like. I will never grow out of it!!! It is COLD here today and snowing! brrrrrr! not quite ready for that yet, but thoughts of a few days out in Salt Lake coming up soon keeps me happy, knowing it can not possibly be this cold there! These little people in my house just make me laugh so much, I am always amazed at how different each of the girls is ( just like us big people I guess) and their little quirks make me smile.

The gang is all back as I am writing this and I can hear buzz upstairs of baking sugar cookies with Daddy, rented movies, and the pumpkins that they picked. Off I go to join in the fun! hope you are all getting in some good fun family time this weekend
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