Wednesday, November 12, 2008

for all of you letter lovers...

Thank-you SO much for sharing the things that you love with me.
It makes me happy. I LOVE the things that you all wrote, life really can be filled with simple joys when we look for them:) If you haven't yet You should
totally go and read these comments and get a dose of happy yourself.
My little Kaiella ( who can't read) closed her eyes and picked the winner of my two alphabet packs.....
and the winner is

" janice said...

I LOVE the changing of the seasons! The colors of SPRING when everything is turning green, fresh and NEW! And then again in the FALL when God takes his paintbrush and gives us the wonderful colors of red, gold, green, and brown! What could be better?!!"

congrats Janice!
email me and I will send over your goodies