Saturday, November 29, 2008

little travel princess

My Bella the amazing traveller!
She was so proud of her rolley bag and her new passport. She donned her tutu and polka-dot legwarmers at 4 AM with a smile on her face and was the first one in line to hand over her "ticket" to the gate agents. They got a real kick out of her. there was absolutely NO fear or even a tad of worry about flying, as the airplane began hurtling down the runway faster and faster she would quote lightening McQueen every time shouting out "Speeeeed, I am speeed.....KACHOWWW!!!!!" and a few hearty additions of "WHEEEEEE!!!!!"
She spent all of her time during the flights doing stickers and drawing and singing her happy little songs. Such a happy little sunshine girl, honestly.
The littlest of three girls sometimes just is in the mix of what her big sisters are doing, which is all fun and good...but it really is so so nice to be on a trip just the two of us.