Sunday, November 02, 2008

hand crafting

I hand stitch because it makes me feel domestic, I love the softness and the homespun feel that it gives to whatever I am working on.
I paint because I love it, experimenting, layering colour, adding and washing away... sometimes the outcome is great and sometimes I have to wait for it to tell me where to go next in hopes of becoming good. But I love it.
I color because my hands were made to layer strokes of colour on paper ( or anything else that may jump under my pencils) to see what the outcome will be as it takes shape, because I think I may have been born with dreams of art in my tiny heart.
I create because i just have to, I crave it like I crave cold water; it makes me feel alive. Always evolving, growing and changing, I love that something which has always been there within me can take so many different paths.
Today I am making things, and both my hands and my heart are blissfully happy.
I wish the same to you.