Sunday, November 16, 2008

making christmas memories

We took the kids to the Santa clause parade here in Winnipeg yesterday. They LOVED it! We went in good time to get our spot right on the curb and sat breathing in the fresh chilly air and all of the excitement of the crowd gathering to line the streets. I can't believe how many people come out to celebrate and join in the fun!
I haven't gone since I was a kid but I still remember the thrill when the day finally arrived, getting ready, packing blankets and waiting in our spot along Portage ave to see the parade go by. I remember bundling head to toe and the smell of the hot chocolate steam rising from our thermos, I remember the excitement as the parade began and not caring that my toes had gone numb in my boots. Some memories are so clear as if they were just yesterday. We had such a great night watching all of the pretty floats, the kids rushed excitedly to a new spot at the end of the evening to get a good look at the man in red, and Bella who is still kind of scared of him settled for daddy's shoulders a safe distance away.
Then we went out for pancakes and hot chocolate together to warm up before the fireworks show. The kids even got to roast marshmallows at the campfires that were going. I love things like this that become traditions and memories we hold onto for a lifetime. I was listening to my father-in-law tell the kids about his memories of the parade from his younger years and it made me smile that such a cool memory has been made over generations of Winnipeg kids and is now being made for our little ones too.