Saturday, November 01, 2008

Party Day

the girls and I spent today at kaiella's preschool Halloween party. it was a blast! the two big sisters were thrilled to help the little ones with their crafts and games and we even got to hand out candy as the 3 and 4 year olds went around to different doors with their little treat bags and buckets. here's our little preschool princess getting ready for a game of musical chairs and feeling like a million bucks. she was all grins in her head to toe pink.
Then came the family fun at night. SO super cool to be on a Friday night this year and totally avoid the day after Halloween-late-night-and-sugar effects as we try and herd tired kids off to school . That just might have been the best my opinion anyways.
Every year without fail Cam and I turn back into a couple of kids for a night it seems. Each Halloween he lets the girls pick what he should be, it is a tradition. They are always full of giggles as they dig through the costume box and conspire to turn Daddy into something, anything, that he probably won't want to be. That is half the fun right? Last year they dressed him in a curly wig, pink tutu, wings, and a wand as "the tooth fairy" and being the wonderful fun loving Dad of 3 girls that he is, he went along with the fun all night and played the part quite well! This year I put my foot down and told them that they had to at least let their poor dad be a guy thing. So he still got a nice long blond wig but this year it had a headband around his forehead a peace sign on his cheek and a guitar hanging around his neck. My big "hippie" was strumming all kinds of interesting chords as we walked the streets LOL. I still attempted stubbornly to take pictures with no flash because the darn thing totally obliterates the real glow of the pumpkins and the mood of waiting on a dimly lit step. I can't say that my results were fantastic but I did get a few that captured the mood and will be so much fun to look back on when the threesome are not quite so little.It is good to take time to skip and giggle and embrace the carefree fun of childhood right along with our children.
Oh so good.