Monday, December 15, 2008

-43 degrees: this is how we do it

It's C-C-C-C-cooooooold here lately. Tons of snow and so so bitterly freezing that it hurts to breathe in deeply. I am not complaining, just trying to describe it for all of you warm weather peoples who may never see winter the way we do. Actually the truth is that it just wouldn't be Winnipeg without some crazy super winter at some point between November and March. It's just the way we do it here and we don't mind so much ( well, us Muckoskys anyways, I can't speak for the rest of Winnipeg).
The super cold is not usually quite this early though, this snap kind of took us by surprise, most years it is more like February when we get hit so hard.

Anyways, I was just thinking today how It always cracks me up when I travel around the world and people find out where I am from, most often they want to know all about the winters here in Winnipeg.
The most asked question after "How cold does it get?" is
" How do you even go outside?!!!"
So here is this year's visual for you....snow pants and big boots buried in front yard snow that is well up over our knees, and the rest of us bundled so that just our eyes are peeking out.
Got to get out, got to have THIS my friends is how we do it!
We had a blast playing outside today a little bit. Not too long but the girls just needed to get out and tumble around a bit and I guess I needed it too. there is something about playing in a yard full of snow that can bring out the little kid in anyone :)

Happy day to you wherever you may be, and a big fat WHOOOOT for Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and a wee sprinkle of cinnamon.