Monday, December 29, 2008

little singer

I loaded our little camera into the computer today after the house had gone to bed, and I sat and watched every single little video that we took over the holidays. Even though I am with them everyday, I just had to stop and marvel at my wonderful girls.These little people of mine are THE BEST! Adorable and sweet and thankful and kind....sigh.... I just couldn't have three better girls in my life.

Little Kaiella who is usually pretty shy in a group happens to have a real flair for entertaining it seems, and decided to put on a concert for us while we waited to have Christmas dinner. I just have to share, firstly because we miss all of our family who is far away this year like my Dad and his crew and my grandparents, and none of them have seen our littelest one in person since she was a year old... here you go guys!

And secondly because she is still so small and squishy-cute and I just love the way she says her little words "we're so glad that you're WISS us" in the first song (that she sang all over town this December after learning it at preschool LOL), and the way she says "put your hoooooff in..." when she sings the reindeer-pokie and ends it with her own little "Doo-Dee-boo!"
Go Bella!!!