Thursday, December 18, 2008

Colorado in pictures

I am finally getting through some of the photos from our trip to Colorado last month. We had such an amazing time on so many levels. These little girls became such good good buddies in no time at all, as if they had known each other all their lives. It was so nice for Kaiella to make her very own new friends without her big sisters overshadowing her. Don't get me wrong, she loves both of them tons and loves being with them, but both of my bigger girls have such Big personalities, each in their own way they have such a fabulous presence, and this little one is quieter by nature. She just goes with the flow and that can mean she blends into the background sometimes when we get together with friends. Seeing her having such a special time making her own friends and enjoying them so so so very much was really great!
All three of her new little pals have been the topic of MUCH conversation since we got back LOL

Look at these 2 brown eyed buddies! They are only about a month apart in age and personality wise they were a match made in heaven. Such sweet gentle little hearts these two girlies have.
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture below of the three pals on our adventure to the garden of the gods Such a breathtaking spot. WOW, I have never seen anything like it, WOW WOW WOW!!! Kaiella's dusty little bum makes me smile, she had such fun climbing and sliding and running around the red rocks and in and out of the nooks and caves.

We managed to get all kinds of great photos taken; posed, candid, everyday life, you name it I shot it! It was a real honor to be able to capture some really precious moments for such good good people. To be honest, it is always something that I find a real privilege. You see so much about people and who they are that you may normally miss when you are able to observe and quietly capture little moments through a camera, I feel like I get to see a bit deeper and I have the opportunity literally within my hands, to give people gifts that are truly 100% priceless.

This one is my fave shot of my good friend; the ultra talented Miss Amy Martin.
She is a gal of many gifts and talents, creatively and otherwise, but most importantly she is one of those rare people in the world who is genuinely good and beautiful inside and out. A true-blue kind of gal.And I got SOOOO many great moments of her sweet sweet littles; the light was good, weather was perfect and of course they are all gorgeous happy little people! Here's just a few quick faves...

I love the way this one quietly captures their Big sis/little bro relationship. mmmm and those sweet chubby little hands clasped together.

And what can I say about this one? It was her idea, her pose, and she is breathtaking.
I picked an outfit and dressed her up and sweet "E" and I went walking on our own adventure taking photos. We had such a great time, I just adore her fun and happy little spirit.
XO to you my little pal, miss you already!Oh to be 4 years old again!
It just makes me grin ear-to-ear the way A's carefree little spirit comes through in these couple of pics below.
This one...well it just reminds me of the great adventure of life that we are all on. It can seem so Huge, and we can feel so very small sometimes, but we've just got to keep on climbing and keep on believing and we are sure to find ourselves in some truly beautiful places. I Love photos like this that speak to me.
Some just do.

Last but not least a few of my little Bella too of course!!!
I LOVED this location, and she was so super cute in her funky little layers that she pulled out of her suitcase
Another one from her big adventure, a rare moment that she was sitting still LOL! I parked her here while I took family pictures, and when I turned around there she was all cute and patiently waiting, just watching me climb around.
Oh, and this one of Bella and her doll "Alice" was a total fluke...just a quick snap while we were outside playing. It is not "technically" fabulous, but one of those pleasant surprises you sometimes find waiting for you when you download a whole whack of pictures.
mwwahhh...sweet little angel girl.

So there you have it, a bit of our time in Colorado in photos; took me awhile to get to them but I am so so happy I got some time to go through a few before we get too super busy with Christmas stuff.
A big thanks to our friends for all of the great hospitality and good good times :)