Sunday, December 21, 2008

More goodies

It has been pretty crazy busy around here, lots on the go and I don't even want to re-hash it here. We are just running with it and enjoying the process of finding the perfect little somethings to express our Love for people this Christmas. Enjoying the visits and the outings, and the little girlies in little Christmas dresses. It has begun my friends, and this is one of my favorite favorite times of year to sit back and take in the Joy of my wonderful family and the beauty of the season. LOVE it!
I wish the same for you and your people in the next few weeks!

In other news, there is more creativity going on around here and more new goodies to share!

In my store at Little Dreamer in time for ChristmasThis Quick Design pack is good to go and ready to just drop your photo in behind a 5x5 card or use the back as a great starting place for a 12x12 layout. You get both the 5x5 and the 12x12 sizes in the pack. Here is a Christmas card that I did for Maureen and Shayne

A pack of handrawn/colored snowflakes for all things wintry.
this one has all sorts of layers to play with; whites ,multi colored blues, and the doodly outlines, as well as just the straight forward finished product that you can plop right down. A new alphabet...keep an eye out in the new year sometime and I will throw this one into a mega pack with matching lowercase letters and symbols.

and lastly, a few little clay bits for Christmas just because clay is squishy and Kewwwl!A few more guest goodies for the Lilypad too.
Just one pack for Christmas to go in the Dec BYOC kit over there.
I am so not good at doing seasonal/themed kits but these were such a blast to make. Me and the girls are working on pulling the glass out of some small dollar frames in our quiet times together and turning these Woody bits into some cute little framed seasonal art for the house. I will take a pic and share if we finish this year, may not happen. that's just life.
And these...sigh...the product of all of my art edges when I finish a piece that I have been painting. I love the unintentional quality of things that are made...well.. unintentionally! LOL. So I have strips of these hanging all around off the edges of my art island until they find homes on other projects that I am working on. I figured some of the digi/hybrid folks out there may get a kick out of them too!
Sharing a bit more painty goodness over there this month... No layout is complete for me without some splatz and splots of paint, sooooo essential!
There you have it,
I will be scarce around these parts for the next while as I enjoy a house full of little girls home with me all day, and the fun of visits and adventures together with so many wonderful peeps over the next couple of weeks.
Life awaits, here I go!
Blessings to you all this Christmas