Saturday, February 14, 2009

getting ready for Love day

This afternoon was all about productive kids. These three girls were in fine form as they worked away preparing to share their Love with all of their friends at school tomorrow. It was about baking chocolate cookies for tomorrow's Valentine parties, working on pretty pieces for me to make into valentines, and getting into the spirit of caring. They were way too cute as they worked tirelessly to prepare. Isn't it awesome how these holidays are SO huge to kids, like the whole world hinges on making sure each and every one is really super duper special?! It is one of the many reasons that I so love having little ones in my house. Where along the way is it that some of us bigger people loose that magic? where do the special days for making each other feel important and Loved become simply the mundane?
got to try and learn from the example of these wonderful small people and keep the sparkle in life, it is so great to look through theur eyes and use our days to make other people smile & share a little bit of happy.
Well, I am not gonna get all super deep on you or anything, I just wanted to pop in to say hi and share some photos of the fun, hopefully tomorrow I will post the girl's finished valentines.
In the meantime what are you planning/doing to get ready for V day this weekend, anything cool?

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