Monday, February 16, 2009

She's TEN!!!

MY sweet Emy was Ten years old yesterday! I really can't believe it, you hear people say when you are a kid how fast you have grown and you kinda give it a "yeah sure. ok I guess" in your little mind. But honestly from here on the other side, it really does seem to zoom by if she was just a curious little toddler getting into everything or a happy and confident 5 year old walking into kindergarten for the first time only last week. It sometimes seems as if I have blinked and here is this amazing young lady before me with a heart of Gold and so much faith and goodness to share with the world. We are so very proud of the wonderful person that Emy Chooses to be in her life every day; she is generous and oh so kind and uses her time to find ways to brighten the lives of others. What an angel.

It worked out great this weekend with Valentines day falling on Saturday and it being a long weekend here today ( it's called family day) It really was a weekend filled with celebrating her every day and she Loved it!
She woke up for E10 crepes with all of the toppings that she had requested; warm banana pudding, berries and whip cream and some sausages on the side. then got all dolled up and we went out to the movies all together. Nanny made a big birthday cookie for her after a wonderful dinner, and I sat together with her afterwards and gave her a manicure with all of the extras.
Special times for a special special girl.

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