Wednesday, February 25, 2009

stop thinking and just GROW

I was pretty excited about the meals we had planned for this week until we all got hit with a tummy bug that is making all of that good yummy food sound pretty gross right now.
Ah well, good intentions anyways, there's always next week.
I have been totally slow and unproductive, Me and little Bella have been catching some extra naps and feel like we've got our butts kicked real good. Best thing for it I guess is to drink water and rest when our bodies say that we need to. I am SO bad at that though, SO BAD! I am like a baby around 9 months old when they never want to miss anything. tsk tsk
I did manage to get this little journal page done while I was sitting with Cam for a bit in the evening. I can't stand just laying around, got to keep up with something!
The theme of this book is going to be growth, being free and open to learn and explore and grow in many many ways. I have another one that will be just random, but this theme has been where my heart has been taking me at the moment.

The page is totally not my usual careful detailed creating, it is just free experimenting and was lots of fun to do. The background is made with gesso and molding paste with some different lines and shapes scraped into it, and acrylic paint on top. Letters are done with india ink and a nib pen, gives a really nice dark black and a bit of a scratchy carefree look to the writing. The tree is watercolor paint on canvas ( can be printed out from this pack).
And my grass is made with little green paint strokes, left over bits of painted masking tape from another project's edges, and crepe paper scraps from our valentine kid craft flowers.
Take care, see ya next week, here's to rest and water..whooot!


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Kelli said...

Love the little grass at the bottom!
Sorry you guys were all so sick. I'm hoping we are over the worst and coming out the other side this week! As I type this, my daughter is on the couch, home sick today!

Fonda said...

mmmmm, love this page, the colors, the text, the leaves and the stitching. All of it! It's so fun to just let go and see what happens on these Art Journal pages!

Rawker2 said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm the grass rocks. ROCKS. of course, your stuff always rocks my world.

Traci said...

CD, that page is totally awesome. I need to just let myself be free to create. I seem to find it difficult to do that. Oh to break through the barrier!!!!

Christina said...

I must say, your stuff just keeps getting better!

Anonymous said...