Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Laundry and food buying day has come.
There seems to be none of either in the house and I will be off on a field trip with Emy and her class all day tomorrow. I LOVE getting involved with the girls and their school, LOVE heading out on the field trips with them when I can, and I think that I may be more excited then she is about the whole thing!
But first comes today;
Kaiella and I are gonna rawk the laundry pile and do some smart grocery buying -with a list. Because when we make a list we spend less and actually go home with what we need for suppers all week instead of just lots of yummy crackers and yogurts and fruits and what we are hungry for at the time. Please tell me that I am not the only one who does this.
It honestly sneaks up on me every single time and I wonder how the heck neither one of these things doesn't just stay done???!
Funny thing is I rather enjoy both laundry and grocery shopping...seriously enjoy them. I am a goof, I know. I'm good with that.
Hopefully we can get both chores done as much as possible and our other running arounds in the morning so that we have some time in the afternoon to get creative together. I am really hoping to get some journal backgrounds painted and ready for whenever I decide to add to them later and Bella always loves this cuz she gets to make her sweet painted "backgrounds" too, hee hee! My stove is covered in "arting" right now. yeah, I'm making stuff in the kitchen instead of where I should be has been known to happen, I just can't help myself, I get an idea and off I go with it, and duuuude, the sink is RIGHT there!!!!
it doesn't get any better than that!
I am sure that I drive Cam nuts, but he is so darn cute and good about it.
Cam Rawks, I love him.

Ok so before i head into the world you are probably wondering what the heck that mess of painty-ness above is ...not sure, it is creativity, we shall see where it goes.
I mentioned painting journal backgrounds above in my "Plan de Jour" but I guess I should explain that I have recently decided to start art journaling. I will discuss this more later,
time to take on today, happy Wednesday to you!