Monday, March 23, 2009

book babble and stuff

Creative Stuff: My little spring friends are all done and available here until next Thursday. I think they came out pretty darn cheerful and I just might do something with them & some small canvases for Bella's room. She keeps asking to play with the little guys I have on my desk LOL, like they are puppets. A kid's imagination is such a wonderful place!

Book Babble: I am listening to Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult when I am working these days. It's not grabbing me quite as much as some of her other books have, but still really good. I have been loving her as a writer lately, so far my faves have been My sister's keeper, Change of heart and Nineteen minutes. They were all really well written and made me keep reading each for their own reasons. She really knows how to spin a tale and draw you right in, makes you feel like you know the characters and can almost place yourself right there in the story as it's unfolding.
For my "real" reading time right now I have just started Holding My Breath by Sidura Ludwig which takes place in Winnipeg; my city. That's not something you read everyday. I'm only on chapter 4 but so far so good I would say, I like her writing style.

Life bla bla bla: I am off to get fixed up this afternoon, I always leave it far too long until I am completely ridiculously damaged before I take the time to do anything about it.
I really really hope that the Chiropractor and massage appointments I have scheduled this week can work some magic for my neck/back...I have old car accident injuries and they are in quite a pickle right now. I could ignore it even longer except that I am rendered fairly useless to my family and life in general when I am like this. I would reeeeally like to be in better shape for my girls on spring break next week.
I did manage to get a bit of time to play with my KR goodie box this weekend, not done yet but just taking the time to scrap and play with yummy stuff at a peaceful pace is making me sooo happy. Here is a little peek, at one of the layouts I've got cookin'...all kinds of stuff going on there!Here's to a wonderful week!
Go gently,


Denise R said...

Hey CD! I LOVE Jodi Picoult books also. I am not a huge reader but I read everything she puts out. I just like how she takes an "issue" like she does and weaves it into a story like she does. I am saving the new one for my vacation this summer at the lake! I hope you are doing well and just wanted to pop in and say hey!

Sassy said...

The Pact had me wound in as well as Plain truth ... my daughter is totally hooked on her.

I love your blog and your artwork is stunning ... have a fabulous day

mary said...

I think your puddle parade is adorable. I just saw it on a layout and have been trying to find it to purchase. I'm hoping I will find it at LDD soon.

Mary Newman