Friday, March 20, 2009

creative peeks

A wee peek at the little guys that I have been working on creating in the past week. These little cuties are made on layers of masking tape over chipboard and hand painted with acrylic paints, then accented with art pencils and hand stitches. I have ended up with some interesting finger blisters pushing the needle through the tough chipboard for this pack, but y'know it's a good hurt; like when you work out really well and every time your stomach muscles give you grief the next day you know you've accompolished something...well almost like that anyways LOL! More on these when they are all done in a day or two...I've got to keep some sort of suspense until I'm done right?

Much to my happiness the mail truck stopped by this week with this happy happy box from Kerry-Lynn at Kenner is all SO delish!!! This girl KNOWS how to pull together colors and new cool products with vintage goodies WOW!

I want to scrap..I want to pull out every piece from this AMAZING goodie box and make a hundred pages RIGHT NOW! forget mopping up basements, cleaning art areas and nursing ridiculously bad migraines, I just want a clean page in front of me, a paint brush near by, some art pencils and possibly a sewing needle in hand.
But alas, reality comes first sooo I am gonna make Friends with an ice pack and some serious tylenol ultra for my head, schedule a few treatments for next week, and catch up on some rest. And then hopefully I can tackle all that I hope to tackle...
we shall see what the weekend holds.
Hope you all have a good one!


Jung A said...

hope you feel better soon...take care of that headache!

whatkatiedid said...

Aaww no, I hope the migraine disappears soon as you get to play. I have to say, I am DROOLING over that lion, I'm so looking forward to you releasing those!!

Hope you feel better soon.

Kelli said...

I hope your migraines get lost soon! Love the little things you have been working on!
I had to check out that kit site, looks great!

pruts said...

CD, I've emailed you several times and I don't get a response. so I try it this way. can you please email me?
thanks !!!

Kerri said...

They are super! Thanks! I just picked mine up!
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Nellie Hulsman-Lodders said...

OH I know exactly how you feel... Hope you'll get better soon and SCRAP all you can!
Love the sneekpeeks!!!


Rawker2 said...

hey slacker! you've been tagged on my blog! :)

grover said...

those are adorable little the vibrant colors!!!

Vanessa :-)