Wednesday, March 11, 2009

spring goodies #1

Internet was out all day yesterday, which means that our phone was out too, which meeeans that there was no ringing phone or binging inbox, no blogging, or twittering or anything whatsoever to interrupt the peace and flow of the day....not too shabby... I might just need to unplug that modem of ours on purpose every once in awhileI promised a peek at the new kits I was working on and they are done and up for sale. If you are a paper crafter you are not out of luck on the fun, you can print these out for adding onto your pages and projects, and if you are a hybrid or digi creator then you know the drill!
This first one is just a fun way to say all that you have to say in your journal/scrapbook or greeting cards

These little bits were the ones that I was lovingly slaving over last week on the vintage book pages that have been holding my heart lately. They are painted and colored and pen-i-fied and then sewn for a handmade springy total package deal-e-o. ..whew!
Important thing is, They make me happyand one more for now, this is just a simple spray painted alphabet inspired by the art journaling fun that I have been having. It has kindof an artsy, edgy, urban feel and I like that sometimes.
I have at least three more packs in the works and a half cleaned art area. I keep going back and forth in my "work time" clean-create-clean-create.....hmmm hard choice right? LOL
In the end I know that I can create much better when my stuff is organized and when I clear out what I am not using etc. but oh how that takes time that I would rather be making something happy and fun.
Anyways , enough about that, Today is definitely an INDOOR day all the way, we are WAY back to inhumanly cold temps here in Winnipeg and I am a BIG suck when it comes to freezing on that level. The plan of the day is to clear off the kitchen table and pull it out to a new spot, change the table cloth to a new cute springy one that we picked up last week, and of course, try to get the kitchen clear of all things art related. Then Me and the girls are going to cook up their favorite Ham in orange sauce with some good ol' mashed potatoes and garlic bread for a nice yummy supper.
Have a good one friends, it's almost Friday!

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Kelli said...

The digi stuff looks great!
I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the spring weather to come!