Monday, March 30, 2009

Creative Girls Getaway

Life is dandy AND good!
I am Just back from an AWESOME creative girls weekend getaway with my pal Krista from Saskatchewan. We both drove halfway with all of our artsy stuffs and met in the middle for a Rawkin' good time!

She was working on her jewelry which was super inspiring and Fabulous!
FYI for you fellow lovers of pretty things, Krista sells her work and is EXTREMELY TALENTED!!! I got these few pictures below from her, some of the pieces she made on the weekend. That top necklace is my absolute fave.
If you are interested to find out more shoot me an email and I will get you hooked up with her.And me, I was working on scrap pages, art journaling, making product and just about every way that I could find to mess up a hotel room with my spread of "Arting" , we ate way too many snacks which is pretty standard when the two of us hook up, and got far too little sleep...also pretty standard, shopped..yep standard too, and we watched a handful of movies while chatting and creating it was SOOOO Great!!!
It always amazes me how a small time away to create and connect and just do the things that revive my spirit always leaves me SO very refreshed and renewed.
It is far too easy for us busy moms to forget about nurturing ourselves sometimes.
Anyways...enough chatter for now,
Here are a few tiny sneek peeks at some of of the pieces I was working on.
Peace to you my friends