Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Welcome Happy Tuesday

Today is feelin' like a good day,
I started the morning by cheerfully waving and shouting "goooodniiiight!!!" out the front door as Cam trotted off for the bus stop...hmmmm, I think my brain is still sleeping and my neighbors think I am a nut, but that's beside the point. we got lots accomplished yesterday and today is shaping up nicely already.

All 3 girls got their yearly check-ups yesterday afternoon, everyone is healthy and growing good as can be. Tiara was our main concern in the past, we have had some really intense years with her, but she has learned so much about how to cope with her sensory issues over the past year, and all of the anxiety that has gone along with that for her, and has grown leaps and bounds as a person because of it. YAYYY Tia!!!
The smaller 2 girlies went with Cam last night and got all signed up for soccer this spring while Emy and I stayed together to cuddle up and read a new book we are starting. Emy doesn't like soccer so she will be swimming instead...our little fishy girl.
The book we are reading together is Fairest by Gail Carson Levine. She is a great writer and did Ella enchanted which was the first one we read. It was SO different from the movie version and SO much better, we were just itching to get our hands on this one and then hopefully her other titles. We ended up falling asleep all cuddled together and stayed that way until my neck was all crinkled and spazed and woke me up sometime in the night.

How do I know today will be a good day? Well, other than the mixed up greetings to start it out right, it isn't even 10AM yet and little Bella and I have done our exercises, put in some laundry, I have sprayed ink, stamped stamps, and painted paintish things, and Kaiella has painted 2 posters of her own. We have painted her little nails shiny pink, Aaaand...we have read a BIG stack of books together that we pulled out from under the bed where they were hiding with the dust bunnies. If you ever get the chance to pick up This one for a small person that you love I highly recommend it. I bought it for one of my girls last time I was away and we just love it! Such a great little story of Love and the future that you dream of for your child, and the art is really sweet too.I was getting out of the van after dropping off the kids this morning and found a hilarious little gift left there for me. We have this pretty Love heart that I hang on the rear view mirror when I go away to teach, so that every time they get in the van without me it is there reminding them that I am thinking of them and Loving them wherever I may be.

I guess I haven't taken it down since I was away last and there it was looking at me with this bizarre sticker courtesy of one of my funny bunch...what the heck is that???!
I totally had to laugh out loud

well on that fine note I am off to load up another load of laundry with my sweet and eager assistant. I am not known for my efficiency in the mornings so I would have to say that all this by 10 AM is a great start to what is bound to be a fantastic day!
It's up to us right?
all a matter of attitude :)
Have a FABULOUS Tuesday friends!


Karen Foster said...

Your family is awesome and thanks for the email. You totally inspire me in "artsy" ways and "real life' ways. I am such a worrier about what other people think... am i wearing the right clothes, am i thin enough, do i have what everyone else has, my job is not like so and so's ...... trying SO SO SO HARD to be me and you inspire that. THANX!

Kelli said...

Love that little heart and the sticker! Sounds like you and girls have had some great quality time!

Susan Beth said...

I hope it was a fun fantastic day that spilled into Wednesday and Thursday as well!

AngMomof3 said...

I read that Someday book at a baby shower and just broke down crying... my babies are growing up! I had to go out and buy it. It's definitely a goodie.

Anonymous said...