Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hello wednesday

Middle of the week already?!
Wowee sometimes it flys.
I was just thinking yesterday how great it is to have hints of spring in the air and all of the freshness that it brings. I spent the day opening windows and turning up the tunes, breathing extra deeply when we went outside. The happy bubble burst this morning though when I went downstairs to do the laundry...WHICH WAS PILED ON THE FLOOR, and much to my dismay this spring is apparently also bringing water into our basement along with the lovely fresh air this year...sigh.
that REALLLY sucks!!!
So, today Bella and I are gonna head down there and tackle the lifting of everything off of the floor. We are going to hope and pray that there isn't too much wreckage of things we actually care about...I am reeeally not pumped about it, NOT ONE BIT, but that's life isn't it?

In better news, we are super proud of Tiara. She is working SO hard to improve her reading and with the help of good ol' Dick and Jane she is really doing better (thanks Gramie!). It's funny how as a parent I seem to need to learn over and over again how very different my three girls are and will continue to be. I KNOW this, and I Love it, I always have. But somehow, since Emy breezed through reading without batting an eye and has lived with a thick book firmly planted in front of her nose since grade one began for her 4 years ago, I forgot all that I know as a mama and assumed that Tiara would be just the same.
DUMB assumption on my part, since they are different in so many of their other strengths. But I honestly was totally shocked when Tiara started bringing home spelling tests with 2/10 and really struggling to learn to read at the same pace as the other grade 1 kids this year.
I was floored, didn't see that one coming at all.
Just another mama wake up call to keep me on my toes and remember that each of these little people I am blessed with comes with their own bunch of struggles and strengths that will be a part of molding them into who they are.
Go Tiara Go.

Just a quick head's up before I descend into basement drudgery; today is my $1 Wednesday at Little Dreamer. Just for today this $5 Big bundle of artsy label stickers is going for $1. It includes 4 sets bundled up into one; the warms and cools, flat and crinkly mooshed labels. I LOVE the way these print out on Avery sticker sheets for use on paper projects. SUPER fun!!! You can get the Avery sticker sheets at any Staples or other office supply store.
Happy Wednesday!


Kelli said...

That sucks that the melting means your basement fills up. I hope nothing was ruined!
I'm heading over to Dreamers, you darn enabler!

pakosta said...

ugh. our basement floods too! i hate that! hope nothing got ruined.
it's amazing how different our children can be from each other. it's crazy!
i actually lucked out with both of mine reading very well in kindy. but we shall see as they get older what one is better at the other might not be. my girls are so competitive!!! (ages 9 and 7.5)....take care!
for spelling words, check out she can type her words in and it gives her a test right online. it also gives the words in sentences!!! that might help her out a lot!!!

Rawker2 said...

hah check my blog header.. :)

Susan Beth said...

Weren't you dealing with a flooded basement a year ago? or is my memory confused? Sounds like Miss T. has a super momma who is encouraging her and helping her where needed. School issues are so unpredictable, and catch me off guard all the time. Just seems like I don't realize trouble is coming until we are emersed in it. But fortunately, in these early grades, the troubles are really a great way to learn for both the child and the parent (at least so far in my experience that is the case!).

Have a great spring weekend - flooding and all!

Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

I LOVE the 3 pictures of Tiara. Beautiful.