Sunday, February 10, 2008

colourful you

Still playing with this kit. I am like a kid in a candy store, seriously I love it!

I have been working on this little album for Kaiella using Hambly heavy overlays and my little painted "colorful you" cards . The overlay pages are thick enough to make this book really durable, but still workable enough that I was able to cut them to be just slightly larger than my cards and round the corners; totally on my list of top ten products for sure!!! and The cards are ready-to-go little pages just add journaling!

the photos all overhang so that they "peek" out

The handle is made from lacing my leftover embroidery floss through the two buckle ups

And this is the little tin it lives in :)There are so many cool things you can do with candy tins like this, I adore them! but for this project mine is just a fairly simple little case for the book. I really wanted the book to be the star :)

Here is the inside

and a here's closer look at the bottom. Once again super simple but happy, and really fun to do; buttons are "glossed" in there using making memories clear glaze. :)

and that's it!

Have a great start to your week


inara said...

that is awesome, fun, and super we USA'ers say, very "colorful" (sans "u")!!! :)

Nat said...

this is sooo stunning!!! Wowsers- love this so much!

Emilie said...

OMG!!!! This album is the cutest!!! I love it, love all the colors!!! I wish I could do something like that! ;)

ScrapFairy said...

wow that is just amazing, I love your littel minis you've been doing , so so cute.

Candi Tardio said...

this is so cute and colorful :]
i love it cd!!!!!

annette said...

Your work is so inspiring, its just beautiful

Anonymous said...

How do you always manage to come up with something so unique and utterly CUTE!!! What a treasure for your little one!!

Keep inspiring us
Kisses from Greece

MD said...

Wouahhhhhhhhhh, super réalisations

Drama Mama said...

Beautiful work! I'll have to jack that idea!

Anonymous said...

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