Monday, February 11, 2008

mindset: digi vs paper

I love this whole little series of glue dots lines and swirls by Jenn Patrick, but it always gets me thinking about how differently I look at things depending if I am paper scrapping or digi scrapping. When I am making everything by hand I want to hide the glue as best as I can, I never dream of hanging it out there as part of the design and just embracing it's "glueyness". But then I happen to love these as a digital product and I do hang them out because they help it to feel "real" funny how that goes. It just makes me think once again how I grow as an artist by playing with different mediums, letting the things that I love and learn from each affect the way I tackle the others. Maybe I need to embrace a little bit of glueyness and just let it hang out on my next paper page?
Goodness knows it would be easier!

That also gets me thinking, while I am on the subject; about how very different one person's "styles" can be.
Me for example- I love paper, I love digi, and I reeeally love to mix it all up. But I feel like my look, my style, on an all handmade project is very very different than the look or style of my all digi projects. That is OK, it's just fine...all a part of the creative journey I think. I am always growing, evolving and changing what I do and that is part of the fun.
I often stop and ask myself, "what would I do if this was paper?", or "what would I do if this was a digi page?" and that has helped me to grow so much in each art form. It makes me want to play with other things , try more, learn more.

just thinking.

any interesting thoughts on the different mindset of digi VS paper scrapping?
or the different style you might have when trying either?
where are you most comfortable?


4guysandagirl said...

I am definitely more comfy with paper, but I LOVE the look of digi so I have been using digi templates to make paper LOs. It's been a little hard figuring all the measurements in some of the digi templetes, but I really like how it's turning out!

2H Design said...

I need the touch and feel of paper. The textures of something dementional that I can touch and experience with more then one sent.

Anonymous said...

I seem to be more of a digi scrapper... supplies are scarce where I live, so I was kinda "forced" into digi.
I DO love the feel of the paper though, the smell of the paint (hee hee... dont get me wrong on that one), and am turning into a hybrid scrapper.

CD, I think I have to disagree on you about your different styles in digi or paper, as I flip through a magazine, I can spot one of your layouts, just from your style, long before I recognized your darling angels in the photos!!

Keep inspiring us!
Kisses from Greece

Rawker2 said...

those dots are fun, huh? i try to make them so you can barely see them when i've got them.. but **I** know they're there!!! it's all in the little details, right??? happy day.

Scrap Evangel said...

I scrap about 80% digi. I feel like I'm better at it and more creative in this form. In the digi realm, I'm enjoying growing and learning new things. I'm even starting to design my own elements. That's my newest tangent.

On the other hand, I do still need to get my hands on paper now and then. Hybrid is a perfect combo for me when my fingers start itching for paper. You get the digi look and still get put out some paper and tools n stuff. The best of both worlds!

inara said...

I tried digi once, I honestly couldn't figure it out!!! I love the tactile nature of the paper and all the embellishments, as well as how dimensional and multimedia it looks when it's done. I think I'm happy sticking with paper for now.

Amanda Dykan said...

It's so funny to see those words written out, CD. I feel exactly the same way. I'd never dream of showing my "glue" and things like that traditionally, but digitally, I love it! But, either way, I think people can spot my work a mile away. Either way, girl, you just rock. I so missed seeing you at CHA.


Anonymous said...

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