Saturday, February 09, 2008

One for the man

This great guy of mine does everything with us in mind and never asks for anything for himself. Living with 4 girls can be tiring and dramatic I am sure but he faces every bit of it with a smile and makes our world a lighter brighter place.
So, tomorrow I will NOT be leaving on a jet plane for winter CHA in California as originally scheduled. To those I was planning to meet with or just meet up with, we will be in touch soon. I wish you all a very fun few days...the winter show is super huge and so exciting! I will miss it but I know there will always be more.  

There was a last minute change of plans and I decided to stay here at home when I found out there was an opportunity to send Cam away.
HA! sounds like I was trying to get rid of him, no, truth is I would spend everyday with this guy if life let me.  There never seems to be anything really great that I can do that is truly for him though, so when I got wind of the opportunity I knew just what we had to do. I love this photo of Cam and Kaiella having a goodbye in the driveway as we sent him off on his surprise adventure with 3 of his friends- A ski trip to Banff ( The Canadian Rockies), a guys worries about taking care of us, just mountain air and lots of fun.
He deserves it 100 times over :)

Anyone else out there planning any valentines day surprises, big or small???
have a great weekend


kat78 said...

Thats what lovers should do!
Love your surprise idea!

Have a fun time with your girls!

Katharina (from the Black Forest Region/Germany)

ania said...

Aw that's so very sweet of you! :)

Sonja said...

That's true love!!!

angismith said...

How very precious and so like the CD we are learning to love. You had your day in the sun when you won SOY, now you are rewarding Cam! I have no Valentine surprises (no money for any anyway) but I may do a scrap page for him.

Louise Williams said...

I'm sure you'll be missed at the show but what a wonderful thing for you to do! I made a clear acrylic album for my other half, but don't think we'll be going anywhere as it's his birthday tomorrow and we'll do something nice for that instead. :)

inara said...

That is so sweet and thoughtful, you totally have your priorities straight, yet again!!! :)

Angie said...

That is so sweet. I also have 3 daughters and it seems like my dh's life just revolves around us. I think it's fantastic that you sent him out for a surprise vacation.

Sara Ancich said... relieved! I'm not worthy of a CHA badge and was hating the idea that you were going to be literally around the corner from me...and I wasn't going to meet you!

Husbands do deserve a break too- awesome of you! He will come home so rejuvenated.

I surprised my husband by taking down the Valentine flag that hangs in front of our house and switching it with a bright green Boston Celtics flag- his favorite team.

Nothing says love like team spirit!

scrapwordsmom said...

Ahhh, CD that is so sweet of you. I should be at CHA, too but something came up and honestly I'm glad I'm home. There is always summer!


Anonymous said...

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