Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the earrings

I was talking about the earrings the girls were making on my "day of rest" post last Sunday. Not sure anyone noticed once they read how cold it has been around here LOL, but I promised pictures of them so here they are. Just little because their ears are just little, but to them they feel like big beautiful "danglies"
They both have been wearing them proudly ever since, so cute.

It's such a fun kid project ( or big kid too ;) for that matter) Just made by bending some hardware wire, adding beads ,shells, buttons...whatever, and attaching to earring hooks.


Annette said...

The girls did a lovely job on their earrings, well done. :0)

2H Design said...

How adorable! And tell the girls what an awesome job they did! :)

inara said...

very creative!!!

Kay said...

So cute! I love how they made them in their own styles.

Anonymous said...

...no - didn't forget about the earrings! (;
Although i still can't imagine -47°C!!!

Tell your girls, that they did a great job in putting them together! (;