Monday, February 18, 2008

seeing life

Life is full and life is busy, it just is.
That will not change
I can't imagine that it would all of a sudden slow down just for me.

I think that "slow down" is a choice,
I think it is a part of how we each choose to take it all in ,
how we choose to see our life.

What kind of eyes do you want to see your life through?
Rushing by
with eyes too focused on wherever it is that you are going
and a mind full of what is on your list of "to do"?,
do you choose to be present NOW, in this very moment right where you are?
seeing clearly the gift of it all;
each breath,
each shared day with little people,
or big people,
or just the peace of sunshine and wonderful fresh air.

Life is full and busy,
it just is
but we always have a choice.

photos taken by my good friend Krista Domres- Paris 07


Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Cute photos!
Thank you so much for the wonderful reminder. :)

Lilith said...

you are totally right...

inara said...

wow! that is crazy that you wrote that! I met with this older woman who mentors me, and the gist of our conversation was very similar! that I should slow down and keep "an uncluttered mind", filling up the empty spaces with time with God. Same wavelength!!!

annette said...

how very true, beautifully written.

Sara Ancich said...

Thanks for the reality check as I try to catch up on laundry after a 3 day vacation with the kids to the mountains. I need to STOP and play!

PS- got a Canon Power Shot- What a difference! Thanks.

Traci said...

Absolutely wonderful way to sum it up.

Scrap Evangel said...

Thanks for sharing your insight and gorgeous photos.

Christina said...

You are such a human oasis.

Ali said...

Thank you, that was awesome... and so very true!

monkeybaker said...

that is a lovely musing - and how true!

Alparslan said...

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