Sunday, February 17, 2008

just so I can remember

Baking together this morning and She looks up at me out of nowhere and declares

" my only wish in the world would be hmmmmmm......two things..." holding up two little fingers
" to stay home with you mama, everyday, forever and ever......aaaaand to eat cheese!"

-Tiara 6 years old
(lactose intollerant)

We are busy making these cookies for Em's birthday

ETA: I am loving all of the sweet littles you guys are telling me about! I quickly blogged this moment so that I could have it here to remember, but all of your comments and wonderful little moments have given me extra smiles! just makes my day, thanks:)
And the cookies turned out INCREDIBLE! what a great recipe. We cut up the skor chunks into the ones that "T" wouldn't be eating and I think I have a new favorite, mmmmm!


Lydia Kahihikolo said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh - I know aren't kids just the greatest?!?! Phoenix one day didn't want me to go to work and he didn't feel like going to kindergarden - he told me 'Mommy call them and tell them we're sick - then we stay home and cuddle'

have a great day my dear - send me your number to I would love to catch up with ya - haven't heard from you since Paris

Lydia Kahihikolo

4guysandagirl said...

How precious!!! There is no other feeling in the world that can compare to those special times with a child. Have a great day!!


kat78 said...

MJAM! These look soooo "LECKER"(tasty/jummy)!

Makes me a little bit jealous, because I didn't have some spare time for the last 8weeks because of my final exam....BUT AFTER THE 13TH OF MARCH I WILL BAKE AND COOK AGAIN WITH MUCH MORE TIME AND PLEASURE!!!
(And we'll go geocaching again, what i miss so much at the moment!)

BUT enjoy the baking with your girls - and the eating afterwards - with a cup of hot chocolate or a latte!!!)

Good night from Germany

Louise Williams said...

that's seriously cute...

inara said...

how adorable is that...I wish I had a little girl...

Beth said...

oh my! how i can relate to that cheese thing. my son is actually anaphylactic to milk products, which is much worse. but, one day he told me, "mama when i get to be big like you and daddy can i eat pizza?"
thanks for sharing!

Rawker2 said...

sweetie pie. woohoo. darling T.

today i heard, "mommy, i am going to love you for a thousand, million evers!"

Kelli said...

My little guy just yesterday gave me such a moment. He pulled my face real close to his and said, "Mommy, I love you....(dramatic pause) my heart." My friend just gave a picture of the two of us together from his birthday last week and I just can't think of a better blog entry or scrapbook page right now! Thanks for all your inspiration, C.D.!

julie.schellin said...

Have you tried Lactaid tablets for your LI daughter? I have one LI child, and Lactaid has been so wonderful for her. For small amounts of cheese (like on pizza or with crackers) one Lactaid tablet allows her to enjoy dairy without any discomfort. For larger amounts of dairy (bowl of ice cream!) she's taken 2 and been fine. She is 11 and has been LI for at least 4 years. She also happens to be our biggest cheese lover. Perhaps your doctor can OK Lactaid (or the cheaper Wal-Mart equivalent) for her.

Julie and kids, avid scrapbookers and fans of yours, living in Maryland

Anonymous said...

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