Sunday, February 10, 2008

day of rest

Today was indeed a day of rest; it was nice

with Cam gone, the girls and I spent a quiet day INSIDE! The weather here was just insane yesterday with the windchill it was -47C ( for you "USA'ers" as Inara says; that is -52.6F!) and for those who often ask me how we even head outside for some fresh air, above is a visual for you of the local "uniform"

The day we took those pics it was a wee bit warmer though, when it's this cold it just hurts. No adventures needed.

Today we put on our favorite tunes and spent the afternoon making earrings together. I love how the girls each put their own personalities into their earnings. Tiara's were small with gentle colors and tiny shells, and Emy's were happy and super fun with a rainbow of colors and little red buttons. I will add a few photos of their adorable ears when they are awake tomorrow.

Hope you can find rest no matter the weather, it's just good for the spirit.


4guysandagirl said...

I can't fathom how cold that is!!! I am so glad you had a fun day of rest!

inara said...

I literally can't imagine how cold that is...with the windchill we maybe got down to 32 degrees F (aka 0 degrees C) this winter, and that was miserable!!! I would be inside too...of course I am an inside girl, there are just so many delightful things to do a good book, snuggle with loved ones on the couch, watch movies, and of course, do lots and lots of gorgeous art!!! :)

Sara Ancich said...

Your pictures are so crisp and amazing.

Annette said...

Wow, I to can't imagine how cold that is, our kids are still swimming in the pool at 7.00pm at night over here in Cairns, Australia. My kids once asked "what are those things that blow hot air out called mum" a heater, lol!!..Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

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