Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sneek peek

hey there

Just sharing a little peek at the album track I will be teaching at Scrapaganza; in Holland June 6th-8th, and in England June 13th-15th
Check out some of the yummy papers below.
It is gonna be an amazing full day of hands on do -it-yourself techniques; watercolor, fabrics, tapes, buttons, tissue paper you name it!
This class will not only get one full 12x12 album completed but teach you all kinds of fun techniques that you can take with you to the rest of your scrap projects!

Still a few spaces left if you wanna join in, the more the merrier I say :)

WHOOT for hands on crafty fun in Europe!!!!
if you have any questions, leave em here


Sara Ancich said...

So I'm gathering by your posts that you get to do alot of traveling all in the name of scrapbooking! Wow! How does a lil' old 6th grade teacher land a gig like that?!?!?!

You are blessed!

CD said...

How does a lil old stay at home mom from Winnipeg land a gig like this ?!?!?! LOL

I am Blessed Sara!!!
that is all there is to it
Blessed 1000X

inara said...

How fun! I love those papers!

Nathalie said...

Heeeeey CD,

the albumtrack looks great (although I already knew that, you showed me the handout at Akkefietje!). So nice to see you again!!! Any chance for a sneakpeek of your other workshop (CD's appetizer)???
Greetz, Nathalie

Nathalie said...


do we need to bring photo's in class or can we add them later? As it is only 3 weeks from now I would like to know if and how many photo's to bring so I can start collecting/printing them.

greetz, Nathalie

Helle said...

Hi! So looking forward to SAG in june, and to seeing you again! Looks like very fun classes!!
See you soon,
Hugs, H.

Susan Beth said...

Very cool sneak peek! Wish I could be there. Want to tell you that the saddest scrapbooking thing I've ever seen was the announcement in CK that your column is being discontinued. Boo Hoo! in the biggest of ways. I love C.D.'s Play Ground and will be really missing it in the future!

Angélique said...

Yahoo!! I so love your sneak!!
Can't wait to start the albumtrack.

Rawker2 said...

only one question... can i come with you?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Can we protest your column being discontinued???? That's my favorite one--your designs are awesome!!!! I'm bummed to hear that==--=REALLY!! I'm writing to the editor!!!

Marianne Hope said...

Hi CD! I'm signed in for both your classes in june and totally looking forward to it. Specially after seeing this preview. It looks awesome! Beautiful colors and textures. I'm also wondering whether to bring photos or not, and would appreciate some info about that. See you in Noordwijk!

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