Saturday, May 10, 2008

looks like I'm spending the night...

at the Doubletree in Denver, which means I am NOT spending it at home hugging my family

We sat on our plane in salt Lake for about 2 hours while they decided that
one of the engines was broken and shuffled us onto another plane. Now I am in Denver crying on the airport floor because I miss my sweet girls,
because I should be at home right now,
because they are all upset that I won't be there in the morning for their traditional sweet breakfast in bed,
and well ...just because the tears come sometimes.

I am safe, the girls really are OK we will all be fine, it is all fine. It is

you know, I am pretty laid back about travel adventures usually. There isn't much that ruffles my feathers in this life, and most of the time I am smiling through it. I have been stuck in the Vegas airport for the night, have fainted and hit my head while traveling sick, bags have been lost and planes have been name it, it has happened, and I have managed to take it all with a smile and a pretty god attitude . But I guess this time I was just really looking forward to being home for Mothers Day, just really missing my family. *sigh*

well, here's to a good sleep and a new day tomorrow
see ya soon friends

P.S. I AM tired of seeing my own mugg on these posts but since I can't load my camera right now and I think posts need pics. my little photo booth captures are gonna have to do for now


deann mcdaniel said...

hang in there, sweet pea!

xoxo, deann

anna aspnes said...

Hey CD. Long time. Been thinking about you lately and thought I'd pop into to say hi! Oh...and to let you know We're moving to Denver next month, 25 mins from Denver, so if you ever get stuck again, you'll have to give me a call :)
We must catch up!

Anonymous said...

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