Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy mothers day!!!

Happy Mothers Day wishes to all of you incredible amazing and inspiring mothers.
I was going to list a number of my friends, family and other mothers who truly touch me with their devotion to their families, their strength and their amazing beauty. But I just kept going and going and this post was on the way to taking up 4 or 5 pages! So my friends- you know who you are, you make me a better mom and a better me by the way that you "mother" by the way that you live, and I am so glad there is a day to honor and celebrate this. I can't imagine life for even one second without all of the beautiful "mothers" in my life.

well as you can see thanks to photo booth, I am much happier today;
Back at the airport enjoying my own lovely Mothers Day incredibly delish LARGE, yep seriously- large, TCBY old fashioned vanilla frozen yogurt, and some pink lemonade :)
It's not adorable drippy p-nut butter toast and eggs being spilled all over my lap but it will have to do for now.
I have a date for this afternoon with some wonderful little people and one amazing big one. We have decided to go right from the airport in Winnipeg over to the zoo for a happy afternoon adventure together, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

since I have to sit here for a couple of hours please Bless me in the comments with notes on the amazing mothers in your life. Tell me how they inspire you, how they make a difference. Let's get a whole heart warming tribute to moms going on here OK?!

Happy Day to you all!


Anonymous said...

oh CD!! I want to pay tribute to my mom for letting us try such fun art projects as potato stamps, flour clay, paper mache, kool aid paint and more... My mom would make art supplies out of anything. We had one book for summer break that was all about projects with simple supplies and ingredients we had at home. I have that same book w/duck taped seams and corners to help me re-create all the fun projects we did when I was little.

scrappinglife said...

Hey CD - hope you made it home safe. So sorry you missed your breakfast from the little ones. Anyday can be Mother's Day, get them to make it for you this weekend. Check out this story a friend sent to me about being a mom.

4guysandagirl said...

Oh I am so sorry for your delay! My heart hurts for you and your fam. As I was growing up my mom and I weren't that close. We really have very little in common, but we love each other dearly!! I call her everyday to see how she is and I would really be lost without her! She has definitely taught me how to love unconditionally! I thank God for her. Hope you had fun at the zoo. I'd love to see some pics!

Susan Beth said...

C.D.I hope your arrival home was just the funnest, most relaxing, joyful celebration of family ever! Youhave such a great attitude about the bumps and bruises of life, including travel delays! Keep you chin up girl! A high chin really does help to have a better view of the world around us! God's blessings on you and your family!

Pie Girl said...

Hello CD, thank you! Thank you for so much inspiration! I received my June CK today and just love your work! Right from the first layout I saw years ago I loved your style. I love how you incorporate digital elements into your pages. Being from a small town in Ontario I don't have much selection for products so I resort to what I can find at home and online. But since I don't want to pay for shipping, digital kits are great! Thanks for all your great ideas on hybrid projects and by using items from around the house! I have to ask.... I was taken aback when I read that CD's Playground will be replaced by 'Dear Lizzy'. I hope you will still be contributing... Keep up the great work and again thanks for the inspiration.


Sara Ancich said...

My mother-in-law took on the 22 month commitment of having my 3 kids, so that I could go off to school every Tuesday night and earn my newly graduated Masters Degree...check out my blog from Friday night's ceremony!

This was a great idea...I love seeing what others shared.
Thanks for the opportunity!

Jeanne said...

So sorry you didn't get home sooner but sounds like when you did it was going to be fun. My daughter is grown and I'm blessed to still get wonderful fun times with her.

Anonymous said...

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masa said...

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