Thursday, May 15, 2008

woo hoo Zoo Picturama!!!

I finally cleared off enough of my hard drive to load my big 8 gig memory card. The pictures on it are total treasures. I love the way photos can take you back to the best of times. You can almost feel the warm air and the sun beating down and sometimes you are just about magically transported to the most perfect moments. Our Mothers Day afternoon at the zoo was pretty much perfect. A beautiful sunny day and it was so so good just to be all together outside.

A few highlights:
-the big show we got from this gorgeous peacock, the kids loved him
- The funniest monkeys who gave us quite a show and had all of our attention for at least 15 minutes ( which is pretty good for an un-napped toddler!)
-Watching them feed fruit to the bears; this one below is going for the apple in the water
- Emy spinning in the park with total glee until she felt like she could fly ( AH.... the joy and freedom of childhood!)
-The pretty pink flamingos; pink is a pretty loved colour at our house so those guys were a big hit
- Bella finding the cutest little pink hand print on the wall and declaring "HEEYYYY It's my hand mama!!!!!!"

Whoo hoo Zoo!!!

Here's to many more warm sunny happy days outside together as we head into summer