Friday, May 09, 2008

notes from a great week!

I have had an awesome week in Salt Lake!
Went out for the funnest night with my friend Brittany...haven't seen each other since Jan 07 so that was just a delight.

Filming was a blast as usual; It was the very first crew I ever shot with a year and a half ago so it was like hanging out with old friends!
let me just say that at some point throughout the video I.....
- wore at least 6 duct tape rolls on my arms as bangles,
-splashed paint on my shrit,
-used a product called "stiffy" on my limp fabric....and umhmmm,yeah, said that outloud
-and somewhere in there I am pretty sure that I actually heard myself say "Presto Bango" pretty much as much of a dork as always ;)

I have some fun pics of my week but my computer is not letting me load my photos right now...time to clean off the hard drive I guess. But I will totally edit to add when I get home :)

After filming and a few meetings on Wed. I got to hang out for a bit with my friend Emily and her sweetest evah baby- Yindi,
had a fun lunch with the CK staff on thurs. and then headed off to stay with my friend Michelle and her girls for a few days. We have had an amazing time...truly a blessing to know them.

I miss my girls and Cam like crazy, thank goodness for Skype so I have been able to see those perfect little faces. Can't wait to get home now. Just in time to share mothers day! heading out in the morning.

see ya soon