Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gentle Pace

 "She always felt that she couldn't keep up with everyone else's pace, what she didn't see was how her gentle way of moving through life made them all slow down and see the beauty of the day"

Oh how those Gentle hearted sweet ones bring peace to us all, and somehow beat themselves up over and over again for not being as efficient as "everyone else". 
Imagine if the world was made up of only the super efficient? Everything would always get done on time and probably nearly perfectly, but All of that soft peace would be missing and things would be all out of whack...not cool. We all fill the perfect place in the world even the slow and steady, If only we could see that we were made just the way we need to be, each with the specific gifts that we were created to share. Go out my friends and be bright and shiny in the way that only YOU can!
Here's to those with a gentle way, may they stop trying to keep up with the rat race and see the beauty in the way they Bless so many as they softly go through life.

Prints of this sweet story are up in my store and ready to go!


Brandi said...

First of all ~ gorgeous artwork. Second ~ thank you so much for expressing perfectly how important gentle loving people are... it's like you were describing my mom. Smiles ~ Brandi

Christina Carnoy said...

very pretty and very moving words! my husband is one of those gentle souls.

Tiki said...

You are such a gorgeous soul. I LOVE this! It made my day just reading it. :)

CD said...

Thanks for your heart ladies, it is sharing like this that makes me want to keep coming back and opening up my own heart to you all! THANK-YOU