Monday, September 12, 2011

Finding my wings

 "Sometimes there was just too much noise and too much busy for her to find her voice. She raced and she ran until she knew she must stop to find the wings of her Spirit."
 I Finally finished the painting from This Post.
Have a quick read if you would like to know the story behind the piece.
This is one I need to keep around to remind myself to find the quiet moments that I need...sigh. They slip into the hubbub far too easily. truly.
Making sure of that this week; I am heading back to the lake alone with my basket of paint and brushes and a bag full of blank canvases for some quiet time to get myself back in the swing of things after a whirlwindy summer. Here's hoping that good things come pouring out from my heart and my hands! How are you finding your quiet this fall?
mated and ready to be framed at 11x14
 Printed packaged and up in my shiny new Etsy shop.
BIG HUGE thank-yous to everyone who has popped over there to support me in my new adventure so far

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