Friday, September 16, 2011

Link Lovin' - Loop scarves

The girls and I spent the summer checking off our "Fun to-do" list. Oh believe me, it went wayyy beyond silly putty!!! Some we came up with on our own, sure,  but mostly we found such great inspiration for so many of our projects online, that I am totally inspired to share some links and how it all worked out for us here on a regular basis. A little bit of Friday Link lovin' to wrap up the week just right. Are you in?!
If we found it, Loved it, and tried it.
You better believe I want to share it, it will be something good to bring the fabulous to your Friday!  And kickin' it off are these awesome loop scarves we made...
Doesn't Emy look lovely modeling one of our new creations?
The ones we made are a combo of a few different online tutorials 
For all of that great step-by-step inspiration you can check them out here , here, and here.

All you need are:
-some old t-shirts (or a trip to the thrift store and a quick round of laundry) note: we used the largest tees we could for nice long scarves 
-some good sharp scissors
-and about 20 minutes or so.

This project was a total 5 star for cost, time and end result! 

As far as Link Lovin' Fridays go; Let me know if there is a cool link you have found that we totally should try, or if there is something you'd like me to hunt for and give it a whirl. The girls and I are having too much fun to stop now, even though school's back on :)

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