Thursday, September 01, 2011


 She finally knew she was perfect just the way she was created...True Perfection found by following her strong strong heart.

This is one of my very favorotes to date. Because it is my little Kaiella, because of the band-aid on her constantly skinned little busy knee, because she LOVES it, her cute little girl face, and the message of course...such an important message for a little girl to  keep close to her heart. 

I have a huge stack of "stories of light" painted and ready to go off to the printers. I found a new local printer that I am going to try working with.  Really looking forward to actually going in and choosing the papers that I like by touch. I am just like that, I want to hold it and feel the texture and love it.
I have another stack of prints that are matted and signed and just need to be photographed. Those will be loaded in my new etsy shop over the next few weeks. YAYY! finally!!!I take them with me when I travel and sell some locally but I am excited to get them up online. Really excited, it has been a long time coming.
I know I have mentioned Cam building me a cart, and maybe when my full website is done we will still do that but I decided to go with etsy for now even though there are fees etc. because I think it is good exposure to a whole different audience and offers a great community of creatives. Anyone have experiences with etsy, good, bad or in the middle? what are your thoughts on the whole thing?

mated and ready to be framed at 11x14

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Christina Carnoy said...

that is really adorable!!!