Monday, September 26, 2011

Freedom and Faith

"she marched to the Rhythm of her very own heart as it "beat, beat, beat" with passion and praise and the incredible Freedom that comes from living in Faith"

Here she is " Freedom and Faith"-inspired by a beautiful lady that is dear to my heart and has shown me over and over again the beauty of living in faith and the joy of a truly free spirit, march on my friend!

And to all of you who pop by here; may you step out and trust the little whisper within. Stop questioning, Stop doubting your own abilities, STOP getting in the way and simply choose to experience the total freedom of living in faith, the amazing feeling of soaring on wings that are far greater than you can even comprehend!

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suzyplant said...

I have always loved your scrapping and torn out almost every page you had in CK. Just now came to see some of your mixed media I saw on pinterest and I adore that too! You are SO talented and I am a big fan!!! Suzy Plantamura