Saturday, September 03, 2011

New goodies for September

You asked me for more alphabets and more alphabets you shall get! I will do may best to pump out a pile of brand new ABCs over the coming months so stay tuned. This one is pencil sketched and when stamped on the page LOOKS like you picked up a pencil and got jiggy with it. I LOVE that! mmmmm
then we have These borders, simply spray paint yumminess, that's all. On a photo, behind a photo, or bordering the top or bottom of a page...I kind of think that spray paint anywhere is an addition of YUMMY. 
 And lastly this set of positivity stickers are the perfect message for every bright and shiny heart. They are ideal to print on cards and sneak in your kid's lunch or print out on Avery sticker sheets to stick right onto notebooks etc.

Everything can be found Here in my corner of The Lilypad. And if you would like to win one of these for FREE cuz giving stuff away is fun, then leave me a comment about what you would like to have me design!


Brandy said...

I think anything you design is fantastic!! I would like to see more painted, spray painted, doodled word art.

Kim Jensen said...

Your posts often seem to pop up at odd times in my blog reader, so I'm way late in responding, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I find all of your art so inspiring! I love how free and colorful it is. Always makes me smile. :) I'd love to see some painted and/or layered background papers from you. I love the notebook paper layered over the painted papers and the bits of stitching and tape in your etsy pieces and think that would make for some really incredible papers. :)