Wednesday, March 29, 2006


So, I have decided to take on Rhonna Farrer's {21} challenge.
I thought and thought about what I would want to create or change in my life, in fact I thought so hard I almost decided not to do it because I couldn't decide. But that's just silly now, right? right. See my delema was that I didn't want to choose something so easy that it was like, well, kind of cheating ( myself that is,out of the experience), and I was worried that if I choose something too hard then I wouldn't be able to do it, and end up disappointed in myself. I guess before I blab anymore I should explain what {21} is;

What *is* The {21} Challenge?
It's a challenge that is based on 2 ideas:

1. The idea of creating or breaking (conquering) a habit in 21 days. Studies have shown that it takes 21 days to change. So, choose a habit you want to create or conquer in these 21 days.

2. The idea that art is therapy. We take the 'art journal' angle on this to create for 21 days & journal our feelings,triumphs, failures, etc. It makes the 21 days go a lot faster doing something we love.
(copied directly from Rhonna's blog)

so that's it! She says do it however you like, and it's never too late to join in. She gives a quote each day to help you along. Check it out here at Rhonna's Blog

I finally decided that making our SCHEDULE my new habit would cover so many of the things I thought I needed to change by making sure to schedule them in!

-eating right
-getting some kind of exercise every day
-getting outside
-doing creative activities with the kids
- getting chores done
- making time to plan and pre-prepare suppers before crazy 4:00 hits
-setting aside special family time every night

Sounds like a lot, but many of these we do already and just need to make them more a part of our regular routine, and I have scheduled things in a way that feels really doable for us. All of the kids, all of us for that matter, but Tiara especially really need to have a schedule, just to know what to expect in their day. Me, I hate it ( because I'm just a happy free-spirit and I like to go where the moment takes me), and Love it ( because then I am sure to do the things I really know that I want to do) all at the same time!

So we shall see how it all unfolds, I'm sure that some days will be better than others, but that is what a journey is all about!
Here is my intro page

click image to view larger

I used Kim Christensen's paper, little jeweled flowers, and staples ( the best out there by far!!!!),
Holly McCaigs' glitter brackets ( on her blog!), Jackie Eckles scratchy brush, and Tia Bennet's doodle flowers and arrow -my first time really using doodles, I never know what to do with them, but this is not a detailed scrapbook layout, more of a journal entry, so doodling on it felt right!

So today wasn't perfect, but I got my schedule made in a way that I think I can really DO it! And we did at least half of our day according to our new routine, tomorrow I will share my schedule here. Goodnight everyone and thanks for coming to my little corner of the world!


lauren pieterspea said...

you know, i should pay more attention when i post comments on 2 peas. just this morning i gave praise on this layout and didn't even realize it was you. guess that's what 3:30 in the morning does for ya!

blessings on your 21 days!

Rhonna said...

C.D...this is absolutely inspiring..
i love love love your pages...
wtg & can't wait to see you create these new habits..
you can do it!

Jenn said...

Good for you and good luck! I love your intro page! Very inspiring~I can't wait to see more!

kylie said...

YA know what CD - I love your work! Can we be mates!?

Your layouts are gorgeous, and you just exude a lovely warmth! Good on ya!

Jen said...

this is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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