Saturday, March 11, 2006

my Love, my beanie, and our 7 year old photographer

it's so nice to have a photo of Cam and I, I'm always taking them so we never seem to have any. I just love this man so much! he's so supportive of everything I do, (he's worked really hard to get this blog looking pretty for me). So I was hugging him and Emilea said " awww I wish I had a camera" she really likes taking pictures ( gee I wonder why?) so I handed her my camera and she got this! not bad for a 7 year old, that's my girl!
And the beanie, well... I've kept my eye out for one for a year or two ( I guess I wasn't looking too hard), this white one was in a sale bin at superstore just calling my name, and I love it! it's kinda cute and Just enough to keep me a bit warmer. the best part is it was a buck! can't beat that. well, I'm gonna go and track down a few layouts to post here.
c-ya for now