Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday fun

I love Sundays, a day of rest and family time before heading into the week. Today we took our kids to a Veggie Tales Live concert. They really enjoyed it and Cam and I, we just mostly enjoyed them enjoying it! It's neat to see Kaiella being more than just "the baby". She was gettin down with the veggies pretty good! 18 months is such a neat age of change and growth and discovery, I just really enjoy this time.

I finished up a layout for some of our closest friends today. We have always lived a province apart but the connection we share with these friends makes it feel like they are right around the corner. Anyways, Braden is a huge outdoorsman! A hunter and fisherman, and a really good guy. So when I saw the photo of him with this 120 lb. Marlin he caught on their recent trip to Mexico I knew right away that I just had to scrap it for him! and the play on words with the title is just for Krista! ( his wife)
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Well that's about it for today! I have to get working on setting up all the links everyone sent me to their Monday challenge layouts! I can't wait to show you all tomorrow the different takes on the Jewel CD that everybody came up with, it's really great how different people take inspiration and do such different things! I'm sure one of them will be inspiring to you! Anyone else who participated in the Monday challenge and wants to share with us, email me the link, ( my e-mail link is at the bottom of the page) and I will add your layout! Next Monday will be a new one, so those who didn't get a chance to play this time keep an eye out for the inspiration next week! Just so you guys know, I'm not making these challenges cuz I think I'm all FAB and stuff! I just really feel that we all benefit so much from going out of our cozy little box and seeing where that can take us, and sharing with each other just takes us even farther, since we each see things so differently!

Happy Sunday and good night!



lauren pieterspea said...

i love this layout. of course i have you as a permanent pea in my bos - but i had to add the layout to my bos, too - just so i can see it everytime i open it.

heather said...

I love this layout. It is the best one I have ever seen. Trust me I look alot. So much I can not get my own stuff done. I found your blog through Kim's CT announcment. I am blown away with your layouts.

Keela said...

Wow...what an amazing LO! Can I just tell you how honored I am to be on a CT with you! I believe I want to be YOU when I grow up. LOL! (Okay, I'm probably older than you!) Looking forward to getting to know you! :)

Anonymous said...

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