Sunday, March 26, 2006

Swallowed up!

Why the title? Well let me tell you, a quick run to the bank with my mom on Saturday night turned out to be quite the adventure as the entire city ( sarcastic exaggeration) seemed to be getting swallowed up by the most enormous pot hole. A quick little fun fact here: Winnipeg ( my city) is famous for crazy potholes, and roads in reallllly bad shape after the snow begins to melt in the spring

So my mom and I were heading to the bank after I had got the kids put to bed, it was dark out, and this huge pothole was filled with water, so it just appeared to be a really big puddle. She hit that hole HARD, I was sure we would have a flat tire after that! We pulled off to the side and put on the 4 ways to check out the car, within minutes "BANG, SPLASH" -which really sounds like more of a "BalaAsh"- another car hit the hole HARD and pulled over, this one did get a flat and a cracked rim. Car after car hit the hole with a BalaAsh and pulled over in shock. Now there is a line up of about 8 cars on the side of the road and more passing every few min. People are carefully getting eachother's numbers to have a witness, or calling someone to come help them with their vehicle, and here I am, Being the sweet caring person that I am ( K...Usually am) all I can think about as I watch the next car approach and wait to see if it balaAshes or misses is; " SHOOT, of all the times for me to forget my camera!!!"
Now, I am sure the sight of my camera-happy scrapping self snapping photos of the line of cars, the Big hole and the next soon-to-be swallowed victim would not have gone over so well. So I guess it's good I forgot my purse and my little camera at home.

that was my big excitement of the day!
and this was my Saturday post