Wednesday, March 22, 2006

a "good" grade

just a quick post I had to share this cute report card Emilea made for our family!
She just recently got her report card- and for our family who read this, it was really great! So she felt that we should have one too, she's just always such a thoughtful little person. This past weekend I was doing some work for a few photography jobs and Cam ( being the amazing husband that he is) was picking up my slack and getting some housework done up...(thanks sweetie) so near the end of the afternoon Emy glances up to the kitchen where he's doing dishes and says " wow Daddy is like a servant today, he really deserves a day off!" I just think it's great that as a 7 yr. Old she takes the time to notice all the things we do around here. Above is the report card we got from her. We got a grade of "good" for work and "good" for Love and you guessed it..An overall grade of "Good"!!! I just Love this girl so crazy much!

In other news, we had a "meet the CT" chat over at Designer digitalis tonight. What a fun buncha chicks!, I just feel so very blessed to be able to work with them all. I always say that God knows where we need to be, and I think he put me in the perfect place :)

goodnight all



sarahbcmc said...

I love the good grade story - it is so mega mega cute. And I'm so glad you're on the DD CT. I think its going to be great fun and I look forward to getting to know you better :) Fun check out your blog too!

Anonymous said...

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