Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Feeling blessed to have these girls

I was just thinking how very blessed I am to have three girls. I never had a sister but I had always thought it would be great, so when we set out to have a family I hoped and prayed for "sisters", after we had the first two girls and it came time that we were expecting#3, It didn't really matter to me what we had, but another girl always felt like a good fit with the life we have. It's totally great as far as passing down my favorite outfits ( the ones I was so heartbroken to pack away that I left it hanging in their closet way after it didn't fit!).

But God is great and he has had this way of challenging us and making us grow in a whole new way with each of our children ( just my theory).
Our first daughter Emilea was the perfect dream baby/toddler the kid that goes anywhere willingly and happily, outgoing and always friendly. Thank goodness for that because we did plenty of growing just adjusting to being new parents, and going through the whole adoption process. Then our prayers were answered and she got a sister, at this point we thought we knew what we were doing, since we had been parents for 3 years and our first attempts had worked out so perfectly ( all thanks to our fantastic parenting, right?) . Hahahahahahaha, God had so much to teach us with little Tiara who was oh so very sensitive right from her very first premature moments on this earth. She cried when she was passed around too much and when we undressed her to change her and when her routine was off, when strangers talked to her, when there were loud noises.........Need I go on? So we learned ( and are still learning) so much about being more sensitive and having a good routine ( not so much my thing, I'm more of a winger than a planner). I am happy to say that as a 4 year old she is really doing so much better at handling life, and the world is an easier place for her to live in.

I always wanted three kids, three just feels complete for me. So Kaiella was the icing on the cake. After she was born I said that my dreams had really all come true . This time I didn't dare to think I know what I'm doing, I freely admit that I don't! And I was prepared that no children are the same, and they come straight from heaven as unique little people from the moment they are born. And of course she did! Always a peaceful little person, but something new for us in our little world of gentle tea parties, she is really Busy! Right after she was born they placed her on me and she held her head up to have a look around! She never was a sleepy newborn, eyes always open never missing a bit of the action. Now that she is 18months and can get around efficiently, she is our first CLIMBER. aaaaaaaaaaaa! I seriously have prayed so much in this child's short life that she will simply survive!

so I know I'm rambling a bit, but what I started out to say is that today I am thankful for the blessing of three amazing little girls! And all of the learning and growing I've done and continue to do because of each one of them. Each of my girls fills my life with so much joy in such totally different ways, and I think, just maybe, that I will learn so much more from them then they will ever learn from me. If you have kids how have you grown and changed because of them? what do you learn from them being in your world? These are my thoughts for today so I am sharing a layout of each of my girls. Hope you like! If you would like to see them larger just click the picture.

my oldest daughter; Emilea. She radiates love and kindness and I learn so much about being a good person just by being her mom. To read my write-up on the layout and see my supply list click HERE,

My middle daughter Tiara, she's spunky and funny, yet sensitive. I hope she will always feel free to just be who she is 100%, I love this picture of her. To read my supply list click

and my baby Kaiella, our little monkey, she looks so unsure here but she is usually filled with energy and smiles. To read the write up and supply list for this layout click HERE

Hope you all have a great week ahead!


Heidi D. said...

Your work is SO amazing and inspiring! Thanks so much for starting this blog so I can drool over your stuff. :)

Margie said...

WOW!! I am soooo glad I found your blog!! Your posts are wonderful and your layouts are amazing!! I am adding you to my list LOL

Rikki said...

I agree with everything that has been said. Everytime I notice a new post I come over here right away to look at your great blog and your terrific layouts. Those three LOs are wonderful.

Christina said...

Your middle girl is a clone of your husband, and your youngest is a clone of you.

Anonymous said...

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