Thursday, April 13, 2006

And then shop some more!

So one of my dreams came true on our last morning in North Dakota ( a very superficial dream!) I was driving the van across the parking lot after having brunch with our family and then I spotted it!!! " OMG LSS" was going through my head over and over.. I got out of the van ( after parking it properly) and started running towards Cam, as he pointed up I nodded and before he could say it i yelled "scrapbooking for fun!!!" Of course, being the wonderful Cam that he is, he let me and Emilea go exploring in this marvelous little store for awhile. Wow! I found myself surrounded by all of the product that I see in magazines and just wish for- our scrapbook stores here don't carry a lot of the things I'd like to use- My heart was just a-beating ! Now I am thrilled to play with it at craft'n'coffee night this coming monday!
so much fun!!!