Friday, April 21, 2006

I have to say today feels good! The air is warm and birds are chirping outside the window, the grass is turning green and the weekend is almost here! I have been loving the fresh smell after a rain and the beauty of spring all around. It makes me so happy. We have had kid-free plans for tonight with some good friends for weeks and weeks and I'm giddy that the day has finally come. With all of our flus and Easter in there I have to say my friendships have been a little neglected, and I need my friends. So tonight will be great! I had a pretty much computer-free day yesterday, lots of cleaning and Kid-fun. It was great! We had my favorite supper; pasta with four cheese sauce and farmer sausage and little home-baked buns, mmmmmmm! Oh I have new toys! I got a little lost wandering through the art store the other day while I waited for my ride to show up, and I picked up a piece of silver poster board to try using as a reflector to get some good catch lights (nice reflections in peoples eyes), and a little box of watercolor pencils. Little treasures but exciting for me.

I want to thank everyone for all the prayers and good wishes when I had my little accident and hurt my neck a few weeks ago. I know prayer works! Soon after asking for prayer here and from my friends and family around home, I began to feel sooo much better. It's still touchy when I'm not careful but much improved from the awful state I was in. So thank-you again :)

Hey, I would highly suggest checking out Jessica Sprague's blog today. She is a super ultra talented scrapper and totally inspiring to me. She's doing these great photoshop Friday tutorials where she explains cool techniques step by step really well.

just a couple more days to get the Monday challenge LOs to me ( e-mail link at the bottom of the blog), I have to get mine finished up still! This one is so simple but has so much potential and room for design freedom. I have gotten a few already and I Hope to see a few more. It doesn't matter really, but I think it's great to see where everyone goes with it and how we can inspire eachother.

Have a great weekend!