Friday, April 07, 2006

My parting gift is flowers

My parting gift to all of you is this layout called "stop to smell the flowers" I'm not leaving for good just a few days :) Our family and my in-laws are traveling together down to North Dakota for the weekend. I have to say it will be nice to get away!

I love this moment I caught of my daughter stopping to smell the flowers on our summer vacation to Niagara Falls. As soon as I saw Kim Christensen's new little clay flowers ( coming out at SBB in the next few days!) I knew exactly what I would do! I wanted to do this as a really crafty LO, Emilea loves crafting more than anything else so for her all of the glitter and buttons and ribbons and paint is just the best thing I could do!
The journaling says: no matter where your path may lead, no matter where you go, take the time my little love, to stop and smell the flowers along your way. Take in fully this beautiful world God has given to you. Don't ever be too busy, as adults sometimes get, To slow down and breathe in deeply all of the precious life around you in this big big world

I promise to take tons of photos and show you all the best trip highlights, and please remember the funMondayy challenge, check out the post and if you are playing along send me the link to your page! I will get that all up on Monday when I'm back.
Have a blessed weekend, and stop to smell the flowers!